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Sewing Machines

Sewing Machines

We manufacture & Import With a complete range of  Industrial Sewing MachinesSingle Needle LockstitchDouble Needle stitching machines, button holding sewing, flat lock machines, over lock machines,  Spare Parts & Attachments for sewing of garments in Apparel, Hosiery, Garment  Sewing Industry.


Power Saving lockstitch Machine

Model : F4

Feature : 

  • Automatic dormancy
  • Safety switch
  • High voltage protection
  • Easy and smart panel
  • Standby Condition
  • Working Condition
  • For light and heavy fabric.

Technical Specification

Mode Needle Thread Number Stitch Length(mm) Height of Presser Foot(mm) Sewing Speed(S.p.m) Thin Material Mudium-heavy Material Heavy Material Volume(mm) Weight(kg)
F4 DB×1 11-18# 2 5 5-13 5000 645×248×550 32/38.7

Overlock Sewing Machine 

Series : Overlock series
Thread : 3, 4, 5, 6 threads.
Stitch : 503, 504, 505, 512, 514, 515, 516, 401, 401+401, 401+514.

Interlock Sewing Machines

Model : 1500
Features :
3 Needle 5 Thread Flatbed interlock Machine for top & bottom coverstitch sewing . With differential feed and belt drive mechanism makes the operation smooth, quite and fast. Ideal for sewing knit fabric.

Men’s & women’s undergarments & T-Shirts.


High Speed Multi Needle Elastic Sewing Machine Series

Model : HI 1414 Series
Feature :

  • A lever is used to from thread loop
  • Cylinder bed
  • A variety of needle distance
  • Pop-up looper device
  • Synchronously act on thread-tension device, press foot and puller
  • Bunked adjust needle proteoing device
  • Automatic oiling
  • Operable needle protesting device
  • It is suitable for normal and heavy material


Two Needle/Three Needle Feed off the Arm Double Chain stitch Sewing Machines Series

Model :  JK-T9270/9280
Feature :

  • Cantilever cylindrical special structure Wide application range
  • Movable needle protector Beautify the stitch
  • Needle gauge button Widen the application
  • Multiple puller equipment Feeding materials stably


Lock stitch Straight Button Holing Machine

Model : HI 781 Series
Feature :

» Easily adjust the position of button holing. Much improve the work efficiency.
» The clamp foot can be lifted as high 12 mm. more easily to put heavy material.
» The Stop-motion mechanism and Knife mechanism produce low noise, and also Starts, decelerates and stops smoothly.

Technical Specification

Model Cutter size No. of stitches Alternation range Max. Thick Max.sewing speed
HI 781 6.4-19.1mm
54~345 12mm 4mm 3600
HI 782 6.4-25.4mm
54~345 12mm 4mm 3600
HI 783 6.4-31.8mm
54~345 12mm 4mm 3600
HI 784 12.7-38.1mm
54~345 12mm 4mm 3600


High Speed Button Sewing Machine

We manufacture & Import With a complete range of  Industrial Sewing MachinesSingle Needle Lock stitchDouble Needle stitching machinesButton Holing Sewing MachineButton Stitch Sewing MachineFlatlock MachinesOverlock MachinesSpare Parts & Attachments for sewing of garments in ApparelHosieryGarment Sewing Industry.

Model : HI 373 Series

Feature : 
» Suitable for various kinds of button of light, medium heavy material on woven fabric, men and women’s shirt. blouses, garments and working clothes etc.
» This Machine is usually used for sewing 2-holed or 4-holed flat buttons, but it can also sew shand buttons if with the optional parts.

Technical Specification

Model Needle Max. Stitch Length Distance between bottom holes Max.Material thickness Max. Sewing speed
HI 373 TQX7 8/16/32mm ø10-ø27 5mm 1500