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Sewing Machines

Sewing Machines

cylinder bed lockstitch sewing machines

Cylinder Bed Lockstitch Sewing Machine

Model : HI2018 Series
Feature :

» Single needle lockstitch cylinder bed sewing machine.
» Adopt sliding lever thread take-up, auto- lubrication system.
» Suitable for sewing heavy material, such like synthetic leather, convas etc.

Model Needle Stitch length Alternation range Vertical hook
Vertical hook
Max. sewing speed
HI2018 DPx5 0-5mm 6-13mm 2000

Post Bed Sewing Machine

Model : HI24028-1/-2
Features :
Adopts singlestraight needle, jampan-aligning thread, and vertical rotating spindle hook threads to from double-thread lock stitches. The upper and lower axis adopts spiraling bevel gear, cylindrical seaming stand and rolling press foot, which is convenient for vertical and zigzag seaming. Applicable to the corner seaming of leather shose, sports shoes and leather bags.

Model Needle No. of needle Alternation range Stitch width Max. sewing speed Weight
HI24028-1 DPx5 1 7.2 -10mm 0-4 2000 43/40
HI24028-2 Dpx5 2 7.2-10mm 0-4 2000 43/40

Single Needle Lockstitch Sewing Machines

Model : H-101
Industrial Blind Stitch Machine
Needle..LWx6/T#11,#14 Sewing speed..2500s.p.m. Max. Stitch length..8mm Height of presser foot..12mm Stitch type: Single thread chanstich, blindstitch Skip stitch……1:1 No Skip 2:1 Skip

Desktop Blind Stitch Sewing Machine Series

Model : JK-T5000
Features :

This machines uses built-in motor, which is small size, durable safety and save power, easy to operate etc. Suitable for the blind stitch and chain stitch of skirts bottom, pants, cuffs, sleeves pockets, neckbands, trousers and knitting materials, it’s the best selection of small garments processing.