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At GS We Manufacture Textile & Knitting Industrial Sewing Machines, Snap Button Machines, Blanket Sewing Machines, Bed Quilting Sewing Machines, Hot Fixing MachinesBesides Manufacturing We also import Computerized Embroidery Machine, Quilting Machines, Garment Sewing & Finishing Machines under the brand name & style of Gold Stitch.

Gold Stitch Sewing Machines are best Known For quality sewing & Finishing of your Garments. Innovation drive business. Faster lines, Lower costs, Better product features all result from a desire to improve. At GS, We never stop looking for ways to optimize the production and keep our Garment Sewing and Finishing Machines competitive.
Eros Group is prepared to keep up the pace of all textile waste generated as we textile recycle into the new economy.