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Snap Button Machine

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Snap Button Machine

snapOur Snap Button machines, button fixing, eyelet button machines, snap riveting machines, snap fastening machines is suitable for all kinds of garments, Apparels, Hosiery goods, jeans, t-shirts, shoes, leather goods etc. It can fit/fix buttons, rivets, buckles & snappers.




snap-button-die-machinesFeature :

  • Easy Operation
  • Wide Range of Dies Available
  • Easy Interchange of Dies.
  • Moving Parts are Hardened
  • Strong Punching Power equally good for Elimination, Plastic, Metallic.
  • Auto Lock System i.e. Machine is locked until the hand is in machine.
  • Accurate centre of Bottton indicated by Laser Light
  • Digitally Counting Indicator
  • GP Motor Operated for economic and performance
  • Safety Guard.